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dr. wendy strangman Wendy Strangman, Research Associate Professor
Post Doc, University of British Columbia, 2010
Ph.D., Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, 2007
B.S., University of California San Diego, 2002

Office: 2327 | Lab: 2317 | (910) 962-2393
Center for Marine Science, 5600 Marvin K. Moss Ln
Wilmington, NC 28409
AT uncw DOT edu

Dr. Strangman's research interests center around the discovery of new small molecules produced by marine microorganisms with the potential to be turned into drugs. Marine microbes are in constant competition for light, nutrients, and space to grow and therefore have evolved to produce arsenals of biologically active molecules to help them achieve their goals. These small molecules are called secondary metabolites because they are not critical for life (examples of primary metabolites include sugars and amino acids) but instead grant and evolutionary advantage to the producer. Dr. Strangman's lab focuses on collecting and culturing these marine microbes (including marine bacteria, cyanobacteria and marine protists such as dinoflagellates), chemically extracting their secondary metabolites, determining their chemical structures, and screening them with our biological collaborators to evaluate their potential as drugs.

Recent publications

"Synthesis of Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase (PI3K) Inhibitory Analogues of the Sponge Meroterpenoid Liphagal" A R. Pereira, W Strangman, F Marion, LFeldberg, D Roll, R Mallon, I Hollander, RJ Andersen., J. Med. Chem.; 2010 (Dec 1 - ASAP).

"Potent Inhibitors of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Production Isolated From a Marine Bacterium" W. Strangman, H.C. Kwon, P Jensen, D. Broide, W. Fenical. J. Med. Chem.; 2009; 52(8):2317-27

"Anti-Siglec-F antibody inhibits oral allergen induced intestinal eosinophilic inflammation in a mouse model," DJ Song, JY. Cho, MA Miller, W. Strangman, M Zhang, A Varki, D. Broide. Clin. Immunol.; 2009 131:157-169

"Synthesis of PI3K Inhibitory Analogs of the Sponge Meroterpenoid Liphagal" A.R. Pereira, W. Strangman, I Hollander, G. Krystal, R.J. Andersen. (In Preparation) 2009.

"Thalassospiramides A and B, Immunosuppressive Peptides from the Marine Bacterium Thalassospira sp." Oh, D.C., Strangman W., Kauffman, C., Jensen, PR, Fenical, W., Org. Lett.; 2007; 9(8) pp 1525 - 1528

"New Anticancer Drugs from Cultured and Collected Marine Organisms" William Fenical, Paul R. Jensen, Christopher Kauffman, Stephanie L. Mayhead, John D. Faulkner, Catherine Sincich, Rama M. Rao, Eric J. Kantorowski , Lyndon M. West, Wendy K. Strangman, Yuzuru Shimizu, Bo Li, Sudhakararao Thammana, Katherine Drainville, Michael T. Davies-Coleman, Robert A. Kramer, Craig R. Fairchild, William C. Rose, Robert C. Wild, Gregory D. Vite, Russell W. Peterson. Pharmaceutical Biology 2003, 41S1, 6-14