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Lower Cape Fear River Program

Fisheries Research and Monitoring

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catfish 1.JPG (9723 bytes)      In January 1997, a comprehensive survey of fish populations in the tidal freshwater portion of the Cape fear basin was initiated, led by Dr. Mary Moser (UNCW).  In the summer of 2000, the program was taken over by Dr. Thomas Lankford and Michael Williams (UNCW).  The objectives of this survey were to 1) characterize fish community structure, 2) document the incidence of fish disease,  3) monitor non-native species populations, and 4) track the effects of hurricanes on the fish community. 
     This survey, a cooperative effort between the Cape Fear River Program (UNCW scientists, gillnets and electroshocking) and the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries (NCDMF, Wilmington Office, trawl), employs three gear types in order to examine a broad segment of the fish population.

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Fisheries Poster

Anadromous Fishes
of Cape Fear

  Nonnative Fishes
of the Cape Fear River

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