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Givitas for Advice

The CIE offers Givitas by Give and Take Inc., a virtual collaboration and networking tool. This online tool facilitates asking for and offering help, advice, connections, and introductions. Our goal is to harness the knowledge and experience we have in our entrepreneurial ecosystem to make everyone more successful.

Our Givitas network includes more than 100 mentors and representatives from our regions’ entrepreneurial support organizations, including SBTDC, SCORE, Cape Fear Community College and Brunswick Community College Small Business Centers, Brian Hamilton Foundation, Coastal Women’s Ventures, tekMountain, and more. Several hundred entrepreneurs, university professors, consultants, business professionals, and experts with experience in every imaginable field have joined our Givitas network to help you get the answers you need.

The CIE Givitas network is open to everyone. You can join today at

Your request for help can be big or small, personal or professional. Some examples of “asks” are listed below.

For tips on getting started and using Givitas, view this instructional webinar. Learn more at and by reading the Greater Wilmington Business Journal Insights article, Entrepreneurs Tap into Generous Advice.

If you have any difficulty logging in or any questions about Givitas, contact

Examples of requests for help:

  • One of our SaaS companies is contemplating entering into a distributor agreement for its product. While I have some experience in this area, I'm reaching out to see if anyone has a good model agreement, best practices, etc. that will help start the company down this path in the right direction. They will bring in legal counsel prior to entering into a final agreement. Thanks.
  • I am consulting with a company that is looking for contacts or recommendations of industrial companies or engineering design build companies in NC. Do you know of anyone?
  • My son just graduated from NC State in May. He’s looking for a marketing position at a technology company in California. Do you have contacts in California that may be able to help him find a job?
  • I am hosting a family reunion and am looking for the best local restaurants (with great seafood) to have a nice but not fancy dinner for approximately 50 adults and children. Thanks!