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CIE Releases New Logo

by Nikki Kroushl on April 5, 2018

New CIE logo

After five years of using the standard UNCW "house" logo, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is proud to release a new image that better reflects its independent, entrepreneurial brand. The new logo stacks the three letters--CIE--on top of one another. The E on the bottom acts as the screwing-on part of a light bulb, the I becomes the center wire inside the bulb, and the C encasing the I resembles the round glass bulb. 

“The CIE opened its doors in the fall of 2013," recounts Laura Brogdon-Primavera, the CIE's Manager of Programs and Operations. "In celebration of our five-year anniversary and the fact that we’ve proven to be a strong supporter, advocate, and contributor to the growth of our business community and new and innovative ideas from our entrepreneurs in our region, we are thrilled to have a new logo that can stand alone and be recognized by our tenants, members, and friends.”

The new logo embodies the word "innovation" present in the CIE's name and mission. In 2018 and beyond, the CIE will foster new ideas and continue to strengthen existing initiatives, such as the Film Forum and AI series, Cucalorus CONNECT, Startup Weekend, the Youth Entrepreneurship Program, Fish 2.0 and others. Focus areas for programming development include marine science technology, health technology, financial technology, educational technology, advanced manufacturing, and film/media/the arts. 

Though subscribers to the CIE's email list might have seen the logo appear on event notifications, April 5 marks the hard launch of the new image. 

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