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American Red Lion Disaster Fund Collects Donations to Rescue Animals from Irma and Harvey

by Nikki Kroushl on September 8, 2017

Swimming Cat

Click the the image above to donate to help animals displaced by Hurricane Irma and other disasters.

American Red Lion Disaster Fund is an IRS registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides funds for animal welfare & animal rights organizations, rescuers, shelters, and or individuals who can provide immediate care and or rescue for animals who are struggling to survive as a result of environmental disasters or abusive situations.

 As The Red Cross states:
“Massive disasters like Hurricane Harvey [and Irma] create more needs than any one organization can meet on its own.”

American Red Lion (a subsidiary of the CIE's own tenant, One Red Lion!) is a nonprofit formed specifically because people do not have a trustworthy place to send funds for animals when disasters strike.

"We continuously research organizations who work to rescue disaster-displaced animals. We have a network of animal organizations in addition to a list of 30,000 animal welfare nonprofits and their related information. We know who is effective and we work with these groups for as long as we can to help them."

Learn more about them here and here and here.

Read about their recent Hurricane Harvey campaign here. They even raised funds for Wilmington’s very own Paws for Claws as they filled 3 moving trucks of food and supplies for animals (and people) and physically drove them to Texas! Now they are shifting focus to Hurricane Irma's effects.

American Red Lion Disaster Fund understands that when people are displaced, their animals are displaced. When people go hungry, their animals go hungry, and when people are abused, their animals are abused.

"That’s why we’re here. To help the animals."

American Red Lion Disaster Fund

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to help American Red Lion save displaced animals.

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