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New and Improved Event Space: Video Wall

by Nikki Kroushl on June 23, 2017

During the spring semester, the CIE’s event space underwent some construction. Our biggest change was the installation of a video wall—a multipurpose, eight-screen, touch-enabled tool mounted on the wall at the front of the room, which replaced our ceiling-mounted projector.

Video Wall
All photos provided by the CIE Media Team and by the CIE content manager.

We still have the drop-down projector screen, but these days the video wall’s capabilities better suit our needs. Here are a few of the brand new features:

Native Sketch, Note, and Browser Apps

The three applications built in to the video wall make it functional all on its own.

The sketch feature allows a user to create a canvas of any size and draw via touch in multiple colors and brush sizes. There is, of course, an eraser tool and an Undo button for those doodling mistakes!

Draw Function

There is also a note-taking app with a keyboard that appears on-screen and a native browser that you can use. However, you likely won’t have a need for that, because of the video wall’s…

Screen Projection

The video wall is wired to dual monitors on a desktop at our lectern, which means that anything you can pull up on the computer monitors, you can pull up on the video wall.

Screen Projection

This includes websites, PowerPoints, videos, Excel sheets, Facebook, Solitaire, Skype, Photoshop, photos, music… anything you can imagine.

When using screen projection, the desktop computer controls screen motion; the touch interaction does not work during projection. If you want to navigate a website using the touch screen, that’s what the native browser is for.

The screen projection can be used for everything from giving presentations to showing live concerts or lessons. The fact that the video wall can fit multiple screens—up to eight—means that you can multitask to your heart’s desire (or your audience’s).

The video wall is accompanied by several accessories around the event space, like…

Overhead Microphones & Speakers, Cameras, and Confidence Monitors

The speakers will play whatever sounds or music can be pulled up on the desktop monitor. The microphone and camera mean that the event space is now suitable for broadcasting online—from Skype to WebX—for conference calls, virtual lessons, livestreaming events, and more.

Content manager models video within video within video
Content manager modeling video within video within video…

The event space also comes equipped with confidence monitors viewable for the presenter/speaker. These are two monitors over the audience’s heads that can display a video feed of the speaker (so you can track your movements/nervous tics), a copy of whatever is on the desktop screen (so you can keep an eye on it while moving through the room), and more.

Confidence monitors over event space

All of this equipment is controlled in one central device—a control panel that sits on top of the lectern with the desktop.

Giving presentations, participating in conference calls, and streaming or recording seminars has never been easier.

For tenants, renting the event space is free. Other organizations can view our event space pricing or call for more information on reservations (910-962-2206).

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