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Women in Entrepreneurship at the CIE

by Nikki Kroushl on November 18, 2016

Last summer, our fantastic CIE Media Team made a short documentary about the experience of some of the women in entrepreneurship at the CIE. They highlight the struggles and the experience of being a woman in the entrepreneurial ecosystem at large. The documentary is available below.

At the second annual Cucalorus CONNECT, the CIE put on a panel of the same title, moderated by Events Coordinator (and documentary subject) Sydney Sides and featuring CIE Director Diane Durance, Lauren Fuhrer of mimijumi, and Self-Mentorship author and icon Marsha Carr.

During the panel, Diane said, "I am in awe of the women I work with. It's just amazing what women accomplish. I'm always so stunned to see there's more going on in our lives than what we see at work." She continued, "I do think women balance a lot more [than men] and that we have to keep a lot in our heads. I think the burden still falls a lot on women to keep the whole social and family and home life going… a lot of that is still on our plate."

"As you get older," Lauren noted, "you start realizing that no one's perfect, and when you make a mistake it's okay to say 'that was a bad day… but tomorrow's going to be better.' It's important to give yourself grace."

"The glass ceiling still exists," Marsha said. "We're kidding ourselves if we think it's disappeared. We have bumped our heads on It quite a few times, but that ceiling is still standing in our way. I don't even think we've cracked it." But she also noted that the constraints that existed when she entered entrepreneurship, regarding what businesses women could go into, have been shattered. 

Each of the women panelists emphasized the importance of women supporting one another and the importance of mentorship. But, Diane noted, "entrepreneurship has a really bright future for women."

At the CIE we believe in the brightest future possible for women in entrepreneurship, and we support women in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing education and workshops, office space, mentoring, and other tools. So today we'll be featuring some of the incredible women who make the CIE a better place, either as a staff member, as an entrepreneur, or as an affiliate.

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