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BSW Field Education

Field practicum provides students with opportunities to learn, use and test social work skills. Placement provides an arena in which the student can test her/himself and her/his commitment to social work attitudes and values, noting both the consistencies and inconsistencies between classroom and agency. In addition, the placement helps the student to increase self awareness when confronted with situations that challenge her/his attitudes and values.
In order to help bridge the transition from student to worker, there is a weekly integrative, strengths-based seminar that accompanies field placement. Participation in this seminar is a vital component of placement, because it is here that students discuss their field experience. Seminar content is developed around issues which every student experiences and copes with in placement. In addition, there are a series of written and oral assignments. Students should refer to the Field Education Manual (below) for information about course content and criteria for admission into the field practicum courses.

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