Program Assessment

The UNCW School of Social Work developed a continuous and systematic plan for Program Evaluation using the Council on Social Work Education Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards for Baccalaureate and Graduate Social Work Education Programs. The Evaluation Plan is being implemented and the data retrieved, aggregated, analyzed, trended, and utilized to strengthen the UNCW SSW academic programs. The data analysis and program changes are recorded in the Implementation document on an annual basis. The School's Assessment Team performs ongoing program evaluation and development by collecting and analyzing data related to student learning outcomes and program outcomes.

At the end of each semester, the Assessment Team distributes to faculty appropriate documents for course level evaluation. These data will be collected and analyzed using selected statistical processes appropriate to measure the anticipated outcomes and relationships. The School's Advisory Board also conducts annual open sessions to get feedback from students about specific aspects of the program. Periodic additional assessments will be conducted with alumni to obtain important feedback about their reflections on their training. Confidential information (SPOT scores) will be reviewed by the Director to augment existing analysis.

Student learning outcomes are assessed at the end of each course, in the field experience, and at the program level. Findings from the assessments are shared with members of the School's Advisory Board, faculty, and students.

BSW Program Assessment


MSW Program Assessment