BSW Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a BSW student?

  • Students may declare Pre-SWK as a major, but must have a 2.5 GPA by the end of fall semester in which they take their first semester of core courses in order to be a full BSW major. In addition to the 2.5 GPA requirements, students must submit an application, which includes a personal narrative..
  • Additionally, there is a cap on the Onslow cohort of about 40 students
  • For transfer students, admission based on GPA from transferring institution.
Do I have to complete all University Studies courses prior to starting the BSW program?
  • No, but it is highly encouraged. The BSW program is a cohort model, with requirements of 25 hours of service-work in each semester of the junior year and a 225-hour field placement each semester in their senior year, all in conjunction with a full SWK courseload.
Are scholarships available to BSW students?
  • Yes, there are currently 2 scholarships specifically for social work students and students may be eligible for other UNCW scholarships as well. Please fill out the Scholarship Application Form in mySeaport and students are also encouraged to fill out the FAFSA. UNCW Financial Aid
Once I am in the BSW program, can I take courses in the summer?
  • Yes, but summer offerings are limited primarily to electives.
Can I apply to both UNCW and the BSW program for the same semester?
  • Yes.
Once I am in the BSW program, what happens if I get a C- or below in a SWK course?
  • A student who earns a C- or below in a SWK course may repeat the course once for credit. Grades of C and above are considered passing. Students are encouraged to participate actively in their coursework and maintain the cumulative GPA of 2.5 required at the time of admission.

Application/Admissions Questions:

When should I apply to the BSW program?
  • Please see the website for admission dates for the current year. Students are encouraged to apply early because this is a selective program. Students should meet with an advisor in the Student Success Center to learn about readiness to apply to the BSW program.
What are the prerequisites for admission?
  • Required to pass collateral courses: PSY 105, SOC 105, PLS 101 and BIO 105, 160, 201, or 240. At the end of the fall semester as a Pre-SWK major, students must have completed SWK 235, 320, 240, 240L, and 355 with a C or better and a minimum GPA of 2.5. Students are required to earn a "C" or better in all required social work designated by SWK and must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.5 to be admitted.
Will my AP courses be evaluated?
  • If you have taken a prerequisite course for AP credit, it will fulfill the requirement. However, it will not count towards your GPA as no grade is assigned to AP courses.
I took classes a long time ago. Will they be evaluated?
  • Yes, Social Work does not have a time limit on courses.

Transfer Student Questions:

I started a Social Work program at another institution, can I transfer Social Work coursework?
  • UNCW has criteria for acceptance of transfer credit. If student wishes to transfer a SWK course from another institution, student is asked to provide a course syllabus for evaluation.
I am transferring into UNCW. Am I required to take courses at UNCW in order to apply to the BSW program?
  • No.
I am transferring courses into UNCW. How do I know what will transfer?
  • The University has criteria for acceptance of transfer credit. If a student wishes to transfer a SWK course from another institution, the student is asked to provide course syllabi for evaluation. Transfer credit equivalents for general courses can be found at
Can I transfer into UNCW for the Spring semester?
  • UNCW accepts a limited number of transfer students for the Spring semester. This is generally decided in September. It is our advice to plan on transferring to UNCW in the Summer or Fall semester.


Contact Dr. Tiffany Lane, BSW Program Coordinator at or the Student Success Center at