Registering for Courses

You can register for courses starting on the date and time of your Time Ticket. Locate your Time Ticket by completing these instructions.

1) Log into mySeaPort.

2) Click on "SeaNet", which is the captain's wheel icon on the left side. You may be asked to fill out security questions if this is your first time accessing SeaNet.

3) Click on "Student Services & Financial Aid".

4) Click on "Registration". (If you need your Time Ticket, click on "Check Registration Status" and then select the term.)

5) Click on "Add/Drop Classes". You will be asked to enter your Pin number. This four digit number will be given to you during your advising meeting. Once you are on the Add/Drop Classes screen, if you have registered for courses you will see them here.

6) Click on "Class Search" at the bottom of the page.

7) Select the subject for the course you wish to register for. Then click "Course Search". This will show you all of the courses within that subject. Next, select the course you wish to register for by clicking on "View Sections" of that course.

8) On the next screen, you will see all sections of that course. Open sections will have an open checkbox on the left column, as well as a number greater than zero in the "Rem" column (remaining seats). Closed sections will have a "C" on the left column. Once you have found an open section of a course, select the checkbox and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Register". This will add that section of the course to your schedule.

Optional: To drop a course, navigate to the "Add/Drop Classes" screen. For the course you wish to drop, click on the corresponding "Action" column and select "Drop through SeaNet". To finalize this process, click on "Submit Changes" at the bottom of the page.

For more information, visit the UNCW Office of the Registrar .