Recent Faculty Publications

Tammy ArmsTamatha Arms

  • Chen, A., Arms, T., Jones, B., Okamoto, J., Rowan, N., & Wong-Kim, E. (2017). Interprofessional education in the clinical setting. In G. Kayingo & V. M. Hass (Eds.), The health professions educator: A practical guide for new and established faculty. New York, NY: Springer.
  • Pastor, D. K., Arms, T., & Jones, A. L. (2018). Red flags and off ramps: Providing community education about driving and dementia. Home Healthcare Now.


April Bice, Assistant professorApril Bice

  • Bice, A.A. & Kolcaba, K. (2018, in press). Katharine Kolcaba’s comfort theory.  In Smith and Parker’s Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice, 5th ed. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.

No photo avaliableTracy Bramlett

  • Fox, J.A. & Bramlett, T.R. (2019). In Hallas, D. (ed.) Behavioral Pediatric Health Care for Nurse Practitioners: A Growth and Developmental Approach to Intercepting Abnormal BehaviorNew York, Springer.

Jeeyae ChoiJeeyae Choi

  • Jun, M., Thongpriwan, V., Choi, J., Choi, K. S., & Anderson, G. (2017). Decision-making about prenatal genetic testing among pregnant Korean-American women. Midwifery, 56, 128-134. doi: 10.1016/j.midw.2017.10.003

Chrissy DodsonCrystal Dodson

  • Dodson, C. (in press). Assessment of oncology nurses’ knowledge within urban and community hospitals before and after implementation of a pharmacogenomic education module. Oncology Nursing Forum (September 2018).
  • Dodson, C. (2017). Effective strategies for successful online students. Nurse Education Today, 59, 101-102.
  • Dodson, C. (2017). Pharmacogenomics: Principles and relevance to oncology nursing. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 21(6), 739-745. DOI: 10.1188/17.CJON.739-745
  • Dodson, C. (2017). TBC update: Attitudes of oncology nurses concerning pharmacogenomics. Personalized Medicine, 14(6), 1-6.

Kelly Ellington

Kelly Ellington

  • Ellington, K. (2019, in press). Maternal and Fetal Nutrition. In D. Lowdermilk, S. Perry (Eds.), Maternity and Women’s Health Care (12th ed.). St. Louis: Mosby Elsevier
  • Ellington, K. (2018)Web-based perinatal education for the new obstetrical patient: A Quality Improvement.  Journal of Perinatal Education, 27(2), 1.  doi:10. 1891/ 1058- 1243. 27. 2.1
  • Ellington, K. (2017). 3D mammography matters. NCNA Tarheel Nurse79(5), 17.

Debra HrelicDebra Hrelic

Jared Kerr, CLR Professor

Jared Kerr

  • Hornung C. A., Jones C.T., Calvin-Naylor, N.A., Kerr, J., Sonstein, S., Hinkley, T., Ellingrod, V.L. Competency indices to assess the knowledge, skills and abilities of clinical research professionals. International Journal of Clinical Trials. 2018;5(1).

Sarah LawsonSarah Lawson

  • Strong, J., Crowe, B., & Lawson, S. (2017). Female veterans: Navigating two identities. Journal of Clinical Social Work, 1-8. doi: 10.1007/s10615-017-0636-3

Barbara Lutz, McNeill Distinguished ProfessorBarbara Lutz, McNeill Distinguished Professor

  • Camicia, M. & Lutz, B.J. (in press). Determining the Needs of Family Caregivers of Stroke Patients during Inpatient Rehabilitation Using Interview, Art, and Survey. Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Hall, A.J., Schumacher, J.R., Brumback, B, Harman, J.S., Lutz, B.J., Hendry, P., & Carden, D. (2017). Health-related quality of life among older patients following an emergency department visit and emergency department-to-home coaching intervention: A randomized controlled trial. International Journal of Care Coordination. [Published online: 24 September 2017] doi: 10.1177/2053434517733263 
  • Lutz, B.J., Hall, A.G., Vanhille, S.B., Jones, A.L., Schumacher, J.R., Hendry, P., Harman, J.S., & Carden, D.L. (2017). A Framework Illustrating Care-Seeking Among Older Adults in a Hospital Emergency Department. The Gerontologist. [Published online: 17 June 2017] doi: Gerontologist 
  • Lutz, B. J., & Larsen, P. D. (2018). Models in chronic care. In P. D. Larsen (Ed.), Chronic illness: Impact and intervention (10th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett
  • Lutz, B. J., Young, M. E., Creasy, K. R., Martz, C., Eisenbrandt, L., Brunny, J. N. & Cook, C. (2017). Improving stroke caregiver readiness for transition from inpatient rehabilitation to home. The Gerontologist, 57(5), 880-889. doi: 10.1093/geront/gnw135  
  • Pierce, L. L., & Lutz, B. J. (2018) Family caregiving. In P.D. Larsen (Ed.), Chronic illness: Impact and intervention (10th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.
  • Schumacher, J.R., Lutz, B.J., Hall, A.G., Pines, J.M., Jones, A.L., Hendry, P., Kalynych, C., & Carden, D.L. (2017). Feasibility of an ED-to-Home Intervention to Engage Patients: A Mixed Methods, Investigation. Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, 18(4), 743-751.
  • Xian, Y., Thomas, L., Liang, L., Federspiel, J.J., Webb, L.E., Bushnell, C.D., Duncan, P.W….Lutz, B.J.,…Bettger, J. P. (2017). Unexplained variation for hospitals’ use of inpatient rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities after an acute ischemic stroke. Stroke. [Published online: 22 August 2017] doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.117.016904 

April MatthiasApril Matthias

  • Matthias, A. (2018). Resilience of nursing students during World War II. Health Emergency and Disaster Nursing, 5(1), 32-9. doi: 10.24298/hedn.2016-0007

No photo avaliableRuthanne Palumbo

  • Palumbo, R. (2018). Incivility in nursing education: An intervention. Nurse Education Today, 66, 143-148.

Diane PastorDiane Pastor

  • Frankel, A. J., Gelman, S. R., & Pastor, D. K. (2018). Case management: An introduction to concepts and skills, (4th ed.). Chicago, IL: Lyceum.
  • Pastor, D. K., Arms, T., & Jones, A. L. (2018). Red flags and off ramps: Providing community education about driving and dementia. Home Healthcare Now.

Linda Pugh DNP Program Coordinator

Linda Pugh

  • Lenz, E. R. & Pugh, L. C. (2018) Theory of unpleasant symptoms (pgs. 179-214). In M. J. Smith & P. Liehr (Eds.) Middle Range Theory for Nursing (4th ed.). New York: Springer.
  • Nguyen, J., Haas, R. E., & Pugh, L. (2017). The application of the Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms to the education and practice of nurse anesthetists. Nursing & Healthcare International Journal, 1(4), 000120.
  • Pugh, L.C. (2018). Evidence-Based Practice: Context, Concerns, and Challenges.  In S. L. Dearholt & D. Dang (Eds), Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice: Model and Guidelines, (3rd ed.), Indianapolis: Sigma Theta Tau International, 3-13.

Scott SaccomanoScott Saccomano

  • Saccomano, S., & Ferrara, L. (2017). Assessment and management of wrist pain. The Nurse Practitioner Journal, 42(8), 5-19.

Penny Sauer

Penny Sauer

  • Sauer, P. (2017). Guest Editorial - Workplace violence: Not Part of the job. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 39(12), 1531.
  • Sauer, P. & McCoy, T.P. (2017).  Nurse bullying impact on nurses’ Health. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 39(12), 1533.
  • Sauer, P., Hannon, A.E. & Beyer, K.B. (2017).  Peer incivility among prelicensure nursing students:  A call to action for nursing faculty. Nurse Educator 42(6), 281.
  • Sauer, P., & McCoy, T. P. (2018). Nurse bullying and intent to leave. Nurse Economic$