In light of the move to online and remote learning necessitated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, UNCW developed an extraordinary policy allowing students in many courses to opt into Pass/Fail grading after the semester ends and grades are reported. While these adjustments offer increased flexibility for you, you are still required to work closely with faculty and your academic advisor in considering your options, as your decisions can have long-term implications.

It is important all SON students understand the full consequences of the choices they make regarding the letter grade versus Pass/Fail grade structure. First, opting for a “P” grade does not increase or decrease your GPA, as a “P” does not count in GPA calculation. Second, a “P” grade could be detrimental to your ability to transfer to other institutions, admission to graduate or professional schools, and/or eligibility for certification, licensure or employment. Students are strongly encouraged to understand the full implications of opting for a “P” grade as it maybe in your best interest to keep the assigned letter grade.

In order to implement the Pass/Fail policy, school directors, program coordinators and faculty have collaborated with the CHHS leadership, Academic Affairs and the Registrar to determine specific applicability of the Pass/Fail option. 

Please find below the Pass/Fail policies for the School of Nursing.

For the following degree programs:

  • RN-BSN (OAP)
  • Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Educator concentration (OAP)
  • Master of Science in Nursing – FNP concentration
  • Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • Post-Master’s FNP certificate
  • Clinical Research: undergraduate, graduate and certificate

The following applies:

  • “P” grades will be accepted for the spring 2020 semester for admission into the degree program where there is a GPA requirement.
  • “P” grades will be accepted for the spring 2020 semester where there is an admission requirement specifying a minimum grade in any course. In this instance, the “P” grade is determined to satisfy the minimum course grade requirement regardless of the grade specified. 
  • “P” grades will be accepted for spring 2020 semester for progression to the next academic term.

“P” grades may not be used when exercising the grade repeat/replacement policy. If a student earns a letter grade in a course replacement, then switches that grade to Pass/Fail, the Registrar’s Office will remove the replacement. 

Prelicensure Program:

  • The Prelicensure program will not accept “P” grades in any NSG prefixed course for the spring 2020 semester for progression to the next academic term or for graduation. Students may take a “P” grade for courses fulfilling University Studies or electives.


  • Students applying to the prelicensure program are encouraged to choose to receive a letter grade in prerequisite courses. 
  • In the event that a student chooses to take a Pass/Fail in a prerequisite course, it will be processed by the Student Success Center (SSC) in the same way that advanced placement and college level examination program (CLEP) scores are processed. This means that students will get credit for taking the course, but it will not be used in SSC’s calculation of the student’s GPA (cumulative, non-math/science (25% weight for admission score) and math/science (50% weight for admission score) for admission.  

Please keep in mind that the option to switch to Pass/Fail will not be available until after standard grades are posted. Information about how to request a Pass/Fail is forthcoming. We encourage you to contact your advisor with any questions you may have – and as you carefully consider your options.