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"The call to nurse is not only for the bedside care of the sick, but to help in seeking out the deep-lying basic cause of illness and misery, that in the future there may be less sickness to nurse and to cure." - Lillian Wald, 1915

School of Nursing

Welcome to the School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Since graduating our first nursing cohort in 1984, our school has continued to grow in size with over 2,100 alumni dedicating themselves to improving the health of communities across North Carolina and beyond. And while we are incredibly proud of this growth, our mission to prepare exceptional nurses for professional practice, and more recently, highly competent clinical researchers, has and always will remain the same.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about the SON, our academic programs, our dedicated faculty, and see if a rewarding career in nursing is the right path for you. We truly hope you come soar in health with us!  Read more about the mission and goals for the School of Nursing: 

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SON Newsletter

In support of the School of Nursing vision statement, we hope to recognize excellence in education, practice and research of our faculty, staff and students. One means of communicating this recognition is through a School of Nursing newsletter, which is posted to the School of Nursing website four times during the academic year. We encourage all of our readers to submit to the newsletter editor items that describe noteworthy activities and achievements for upcoming editions.

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