Master of Healthcare Administration Degree Requirements

A total of forty-eight (48) graduate credit hours is required for the Master of Healthcare Administration degree dependent on candidates meeting ideal admission requirements for the program.

A total of six (6) credit hours of transfer credit may be accepted with approval from the graduate coordinator.

With the exception of six approved transfer credits, all graduate study must be completed in residence depending upon the degree option pursued. An HCA student must have a “B” or better in each required course. If a student earns a “C”, he/she must repeat the course and must earn a “B” or better to progress. A student will only be allowed to repeat one course. A student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

The program has no language requirement.

Required Courses for 48 Hours Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
HCA 500 Introduction to Healthcare Management 3
HCA 501 Healthcare Systems 3
HCA 502 Managing Human Capital in Healthcare 3
HCA 503 Operations Management and Quality Assessment for Health Organizations 3
HCA 504 Healthcare Informatics 3
HCA 505 Strategic Management and Marketing for Healthcare Professionals 3
HCA 506 Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals 3
HCA 507 Quantitative Methods and Evidence Based Decision Making in Healthcare 3
HCA 508 Managerial Epidemiology and Population Health 3
HCA 509 Long Term Care Administration 3
HCA 510 Healthcare Economics and Policy 3
HCA 511 Financial Analysis & Decision Making in Healthcare 3
HCA 512 Finance for Healthcare Managers 3
HCA 590 Healthcare Administration Capstone 3
HCA 593 Healthcare Administration Practicum I 3
HCA 594 Healthcare Administration Practicum II 3

Total: 48 Credit Hours