Student Research and Scholarship

Research Opportunities in the CHHS

School of Social Work


Research Topic

Semesters Email
Kris Hohn

Health disparities, marginalized & vulnerable populations, LGBTQ+ communities, Motherhood

Spring 2019; Summer 2019; Fall 2019 

School of Health and Applied Human Sciences


Research Topic Semesters Email
Hannah Priest Catalano

HPV vaccination, reproductive health, risk behaviors (e.g., binge drinking, unsafe sex, drug abuse)

Spring 2019; possibly Summer 2019; Fall 2019 
Lenis Chen-Edinboro

Sleep research, nutrition and mental health

Summer 2019 & Fall 2019 
Sabrina Cherry


Spring 2019; Fall 2019 
Dan Johnson

Family perceptions of the benefits of participating in Ainsley's Angels 5k races (disability) 

John Lothes

Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, depression, anxiety, test anxiety, health and well-being

Spring 2019; Fall 2019 
Eric Richardson

Human resource related topics - Nursing job satisfaction commitment, healthcare quality and value-based healthcare topics 

Spring 2019; Fall 2019 

School of Nursing


Research Topic

Semesters Email

Tammy Arms

Older adults and/or mental health issues

Paula Baisden

Health and/or social policy and politics, empathy, intrinsic motivation, incivility, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, suicide, interprofessional collaboration


Julie Hinkle

Adaptive learning, student engagement

Spring 2019 

Barbara Lutz

Stroke caregiving, stroke transitional care


Stephanie Smith

Community based participatory research - specific topics will vary


Suzy Diggle-Fox

Geriatrics, Parkinson's Disease, hospice, time management, anxiety, hurricanes R/T anxiety and preparedness