"The joy I have found in research and evaluation stems from my passion for creating positive change."

-Kelsey Ross, '15 ~ Community Health Education

What is Research and Innovation in the CHHS? 

Research and Innovation are important parts of the CHHS. From the discovery and exploration of new ideas to the evaluation of the effectiveness of a community-based program, research can take many forms. 

Research and scholarship can include evidence-based practice and quality improvement projects, literature reviews, and theoretical/conceptual works.

Innovation can refer to developing a product, refining a service, or using a specific approach to address a medical or health-related need (e.g., new treatment approach or improving a process). 

How can we support you? 

The CHHS Research and Innovation team can support faculty and staff research and innovation efforts by providing: 

  • Pre-Award Grant support
  • Post-Award Grant support
  • Statistical support
  • Editing support
  • Faculty Success support (formerly Digital Measures)
  • Fostering research collaborations (e.g., Find a Collaborator Database)
  • Faculty Writing Circles
  • Monthly Coffee Hour events
  • Promoting student-engaged scholarship