Frequently Asked Questions: Funding Your Passion

Who is eligible? Full-time faculty and staff within the College of Health and Human Services are eligible to apply one time during the submission window. 

What is the purpose of the “Funding Your Passion” opportunity? The College of Health and Human Services wishes to provide internal funding to support one’s scholarly/innovation agenda and to develop a pilot process for receiving requests for research and innovation. This funding offers a way to provide support for embracing the university’s transition to the status of “High Research Activity” (i.e., R2). 

When should I apply within the research and innovation process? You can apply regardless of what stage you are in with respect to your research or innovation agenda/project. Perhaps you would like to participate in a workshop related to grant writing in preparation to prepare for a future submission. You might want some help collecting data or you need some software to analyze your data. Or maybe you wish to have a student research assistant to conduct literature searches. The opportunities are endless and the funding is intended to be flexible to meet the diverse needs of our CHHS faculty and staff. 

Can I request funding for publications? Yes, it is acceptable to request funds for publication fees (e.g., open access privileges). Just be sure to avoid predatory journals! Contact Mr. John Osinski of the Randall Library if you are unsure if a particular journal is legitimate and reputable:

What types of expenses can be covered? Anything related to research or innovation that can be purchased with state funds would qualify. Software, training, and supplies would be eligible expenses as would research assistants or consultants. If you have any questions about an eligible expense, please contact Richard Huse at 

What expenses cannot be supported by this initiative? Food, alcohol, gift cards, flowers, and gifts of any kind. Items previously purchased by one’s school, college, or university. 

What does an applicant need to know before applying? Requests can be submitted via InfoReady anytime between January 21st and March 15th. Supervisory approval is required before submission will be reviewed at college level. Every effort should be made to demonstrate relevance to the CHHS strategic plan and values. 

How many times can I apply? An applicant can apply one time with a total request ranging from $250 to $15,000. 

How does the notification process occur? If supervisory approval is granted, the application will move to the college level for review. Submissions will be reviewed by the college on a weekly basis. The applicant will receive an electronic message with final decision related to funding. 

What if I receive the funding? If an individual receives funding, they must work with Richard Huse (post-award grant specialist) and BCST to expend funds prior to end of May, 2021. Funds will no longer be eligible once the fiscal spending deadline passes. If an applicant realizes that an item is no longer needed, Richard Huse should be contacted immediately so those funds can be re-allocated