"It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to do something to innovative and also meaningful. The inaugural CHHS Kickbox program has helped to continue to spark my creativity and therefore encouraging others to think outside the box.... The opportunity was the highlight of my year. I feel very fortunate that I am able to keep it going." - Stacey Kolomer, Director of School of Social Work

Support Initiatives and Events

Upcoming Events, Trainings, and Workshops

Events are routinely sponsored by CHHS Research and Innovation to cultivate interprofessional collaboration opportunities, celebrate scholarly research and innovation efforts, and to learn more about our services. 

In addition, trainings and workshops are offered regularly to CHHS faculty and staff on a variety of research-related topics. Examples of trainings have included grant writing, budget development, and how to write successful publications.

To propose a training or workshop event, please contact us at

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Trainings/Workshops

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Previous Events, Trainings, and Workshops

  • Gender and Leadership Academy: Courage to Grow
  • A Research Refresher: Reviewing the Basics to Start the Academic Year View recording
  • AI & Health Seminar Series - Applying AI to healthcare: From patient-level care to population health To view, please click here.
  • Coffee Hour: Tobacco, vaping, and e-cigarettes
  • Generate your NIH Biosketch from Activity Insight/Digital Measures
  • Medicine in 2020: Artifical Intelligence and Healthcare. To view, please click here.
  • Forming interprofessional Teams & Writing Circles. 
  • Grants Budget Basics Workshop.
  • Grant Budget Basics Workshops: Strategies for Seeking Extramural Funding. 
  • Grant Writing Fundamentals & Grant Writing Tips. 
  • IRB Workshop.
  • SON Publishing Strategies. 
  • Understanding Budgeting and Purchasing for Grants.