Faculty Research and Scholarship

Watermark Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures)

As of August 10th, 2021, Digital Measures is now called Watermark Faculty Success.

The university, college, and schools are tracking faculty research and scholarship productivity. Monthly reports are shared with the Chancellor, Provost, Associate Provost of Research, CHHS Dean, CHHS Associate Dean for Research and Innovation, and School Directors in order to better promote your success throughout the year.

Please enter your peer-reviewed publications (journal articles, book chapters, books) and presentations into Faculty Success. You can log on here. It is also important to include the month for each publication and presentation.

These entries will appear in the Fiscal Year Research Productivity report for CHHS and our schools.

Reminder: only one author from UNCW needs to enter each publication and presentation (they will populate to other co-authors). Therefore, you should communicate with your other authors about who is responsible for entering into Faculty Success (typically it is the first/lead author).

For Faculty Success support or to schedule a Faculty Success training, please contact Robert Bucciere at buccierer@uncw.edu.