CHHS Professor Granted Funding for Research in Global Consciousness and Nursing

CHHS Professor Granted Funding for Research in Global Consciousness and Nursing

RN-BSN Program Coordinator & Assistant Professor Debra Hrelic was awarded a grant last fall to support her ongoing research in the field of nursing, but just like the rest of Wilmington, the effects of Hurricane Florence brought her unexpected pressure.

Hrelic and her grant officer, Althea Lewis, had to work diligently and quickly to make sure the application was submitted amid the aftermath of Florence.

“The deadline for the grant submission fell right in the middle of Hurricane Florence,” Hrelic said. “Ms. Lewis acted as a mediator to obtain a short extension for the grant submission to allow us to obtain the necessary administrative signatures.”

Because of this, Hrelic was able to submit her application and secure funding for her work, which focuses on teaching EVS 205 students greater environmental and global consciousness, as well as a better understanding of the impact humans have on the environment and the impact environmental quality has on humans. The goal is for the students to take the knowledge gained and incorporate it into their nursing practice.

Obtaining the grant was essential for allowing researchers to conduct the qualitative analysis portion of this research. Without the grant, the computer program needed for the qualitative analysis would have been cost prohibitive and any analysis would have had to be done by hand, which Hrelic says would have been impossible.

The grant also allowed Hrelic and her colleagues to hire a research assistant to help with their work. Hrelic received the grant in October and eagerly started work in November.

“It is well accepted that humans leave an imprint on the environment,” Hrelic said. “Nurses and health care workers are in a unique position to support and promote positive environmental changes that can affect one’s health and the environment itself. It is for this reason, that educating the RN-BSN nurses in EVS 205 about global and environmental issues is vital.”