CHHS Nursing Staff Nominated for 2019 Staff Award for Excellence

CHHS Nursing Staff Nominated for 2019 Staff Award for Excellence

4/19: In April, Simulation Lab Assistant Barbara Snyder was nominated for the 2019 Staff Award for Excellence.

“I am humbled and grateful to receive this nomination,” Snyder said. “Thanks to everyone in CHHS for your support; you make everyday a great day!”

Snyder works in the School of Nursing’s Simulation Learning Center (SLC), using her artistic skills to enhance the realism of patient scenarios in simulations. She creates life-like moulage, which is painted mock injuries, wounds, and burns on the manikins and prepares the patient actors who are retired volunteers from the community for their simulation roles.

Additionally, Snyder trains the senior lab assistant students on policies and duties. She trains staff on how to use the computerized manikin software, as well as maintains, troubleshoots and solves technical issues.

Snyder is a member of the Simulation Learning Committee, where she gives feedback on logistics of simulation supplies, scheduling and set ups for various courses and has served on both the CHHS and SON Strategic Planning Task Forces during the 2017 – 18 academic years.

What’s more, Snyder developed an automated supply ordering system for the SLC and has taken on the supply ordering process from SLC coordinator. She created a system for the simulated IV fluid drainage with a catheter bag attachment under the beds, as well as a system to dry and recycle IV tubing and manikin parts, saving a lot of money for the college.  Just recently, she acted on a cost savings plan by asking about disconnecting telephone lines in the SLC that were never used.

She is active in the art community and a leader in the Cape Fear Camera Club. She shows her photography nationally and internationally. She also has a passion for community issues and the people that they affect.

“Barb has gone above and beyond her job duties to provide service to the College of Health & Human Services and the School of Nursing,” SLC Coordinator Robin Cunningham said.