School of Nursing Associate Professor Inducted into Prestigious National Academy of Practice

On Sunday, April 9, Nancy Ahern, associate professor in the School of Nursing, was inducted into National Academy of Practice (NAP) as a “Distinguished Scholar & Fellow.”

The NAP is a non-profit organization that includes 14 academies in all. Ahern was inducted into the Nursing Academy.

The mission of the NAP is to promote excellence in practice of health care professionals, and quality health care for all through interprofessional collaboration in service delivery, research, education and public policy advocacy.

“I was honored to be selected by such a prestigious national organization,” Ahern said. “I now can add this diction to my name, ‘FNAP’”

The ceremony was an awards banquet and the induction of new members by the formal awarding of a medallion on a ribbon to be worn henceforth with graduation regalia.

The Induction Ceremony was the culmination of the NAP 2016 Annual Meeting & Forum: Interprofessional Practice and Education: Embracing Transformational Change.

Ahern presented her research at the conference.