CHHS Nursing Professor Receives Invitation to Join Editorial Board for a Major Nursing Education Journal

Associate Professor of Nursing, Elizabeth Gazza has received an invitation to join the editorial board for the Journal of Professional Nursing (JPN) for a three-year term.

JPN is a bimonthly journal that focuses on issues related to baccalaureate and graduate nursing education, education research and policy related to education and educational implications of nursing practice.

As a board member, Gazza will provide consultation, guidance and advice to the editor. She will contribute to the distribution of nursing knowledge that positively influences nursing education and impacts nursing faculty who teach in all levels of nursing education, from prelicensure through doctoral programs.

“I am excited about collaborating with other experts in nursing education from across the United States,” Gazza said, “and to share what I learn with my colleagues in the School of Nursing and students who are writing for publication.”

Gazza has been a peer reviewer for the JPN since 2012. Additionally, she has had three of her research studies published in the journal: Evidence-based knowledge, skills and attitudes for scholarly writing development across all levels of nursing education; The lived experience of part-time baccalaureate nursing faculty; and The experience of being a full-time nursing faculty member in a baccalaureate nursing education program.

“Nursing education research is very important, considering that nursing faculty are preparing future nurses who will provide safe, quality care and advance the discipline of nursing,” Gazza said. “I am proud that I will impact nursing education as an editorial board member for a journal that is devoted solely to nursing education.”