School of Nursing Associate Professor Receives Grant to Improve Graduate Online Course

School of Nursing Associate Professor Receives Grant to Improve Graduate Online Course

School of Nursing Associate Professor Jeeyae Choi received $2,500 from Academic Partnerships for her research project titled “Enhancing Student Learning Efficiency in an Online Informatics Course Using Simulated Electronic Health Record.”

The purpose of the project is to test the application of an electronic health record simulation in an online graduate course to assess the effect on student learning. Specific objectives include measuring students’ perceptions of an adaptive learning technology; measuring and comparing nursing informatics competencies between an intervention course and a control course; and comparing learning outcomes.

Choi said the project was inspired from nursing education’s embrace of online education as a means to increase the workforce and provide flexible advanced education, where adaptive learning technologies, such as virtual simulation, are used by faculty in online courses to enhance learning efficiency and improve student outcomes.

She went on to say the project is important in large part because of the nationwide shortage of nursing faculty and physical space constraints, which has limited enrollment to brick and mortar nursing programs. To overcome these barriers, advances in technology have made high-quality online courses possible and provide a versatile learning environment for students.

Health Care Systems and Education Informatics and Technology is a graduate online course for nurse educators and family nurse practitioners developed by Choi. The course is the School of Nursing’s first informatics course, and while Choi said the course has been well received, there has been concern that students struggle to apply sophisticated and complex informatics concepts and knowledge in practice.

Given this concern, Choi said she will use the grant to apply an adaptive learning technology to the course that will facilitate the students’ application of knowledge, advance their skills and improve clinical decision-making.

The overarching goal is for graduate nursing students to learn the integrity and quality of data and information in electronic health records and use them to improve patient care accurately and for professors to learn the effect of adaptive learning technology and apply the method used in this project to their online courses to improve students’ learning efficiency.

“With this grant,” Choi said, “I will have another opportunity to improve this online course other than students’ evaluation. I want to maximize learning efficiency of this course, utilizing simulation.”