Optimizing the learning environment; a trauma informed approach

Anka Roberto (SON)

1. What was the inspiration behind this project? Working with many traumatized children in my clinical practice truly reinforced the need that schools have to help them understand how to work with children exposed to trauma. I met the Life is Good team before moving to Wilmington and was impressed by the solution focused approach to helping all children work towards resiliency. 

2. Can you describe the project? The Life is Good Playmakers model is a systematic approach to train educators and staff on ways to help themselves as they work with children who have high adverse childhood events. Through utilization of optimism as the basic tenets of their work, educators will be trained to build resiliency in the kids they serve.

3. What is the purpose? The purpose is to assist youth and staff build resiliency and decrease burn out.

4. Who all was involved? Myself and Josalin Hunter-Jones, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Lake Forest Academy in Wilmington and The Life is Good team.

5. Why is it important? We believe this pilot program will show significance in burnout rates of staff and help decrease negative behaviors in the classroom of children K-8. 

6. How will the project benefit CHHS? It will exemplify the importance of inter professional collaboration of the CHHS faculty and their impact on the community we live in. 

7. What is the timeline for the project? Feb. – Dec. 2019. 

8. What is the desired outcome? We hypothesize that the utilization of the playmakers model to have a positive impact on resiliency of children and staff in a K-8 school.