Turrise Named CHHS Leadership Fellow for Research and Scholarship

June 7, 2022 - The College of Health and Human Services is pleased to announce that Dr. Stephanie Turrise, associate director for administration and a tenured associate professor in the School of Nursing, will step into the newly created leadership team position of CHHS Leadership Fellow for Research and Scholarship to help propel the momentum associated with our growing research enterprise.

Stephanie TurriseDr. Turrise will oversee and facilitate initiatives and support related to grants and scholarly activities within the CHHS. Some of these duties will include representing the College on the UNCW Research and Innovation Advisory Council, facilitating support for research and grant-related operations within the college, chairing the CHHS Research Advisory Council, fostering collaboration with units on campus, encouraging strategic partnerships and mentorship opportunities, and helping cultivate interprofessional/interdisciplinary investigative teams.

Dr. Turrise has been with UNCW since January 2004 and is an experienced educator and cardiac registered nurse with over 28 years of practice experience caring for individuals with cardiovascular disease and fellow in the American Heart Association. She has experience with internal and external grant management, has conducted quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods studies, recently published two statements for the American Heart Association, and has mentored others in research. Dr. Turrise’s practice and research experience combined with her academic preparation, service, and leadership have provided her the knowledge, skills and abilities to serve the CHHS faculty in the role of CHHS Faculty Fellow for Research and Scholarship. Read Dr. Turrise's bio.