Continuing the Legacy of the Student Social Work Organization

Continuing the Legacy of the Student Social Work Organization

by Dr. Tiffany Lane, associate professor and BSW program coordinator

10/21 - Despite the many challenges related to the pandemic, the undergraduate social work student leaders answered the call to continue the legacy of the Student Social Work Organization.

The leaders at UNCW revived the organization, and the Onslow campus leaders took on the charge to continue the strong legacy of service to Jacksonville and surrounding communities. Through community service and advocacy efforts, their goals are to build community among BSW students and to meet the social work profession's mission, to enhance the human wellbeing of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed and living in poverty.

The social work leaders are committed to the College of Health and Human Services' mission and values. They are prepared to lead undergraduate social work students to engage in local and global community initiatives to enhance life quality.

The following students serve on UNCW’s leadership team:

  • Annie Thi, president
  • Tyler Fulton, vice president
  • Nakyah McNeal, membership chair
  • Sarah-Sophia and Lie-Nielsen, fundraising chairs
  • Kaylee Hoyle, historian
  • Lauren DiGiovanni and Katie Chappell, activity chairs

The following students serve on Onslow campus leadership team:

  • Siomy Nambo, president
  • Gabby Ferino, secretary
  • Jean Delice, treasurer
  • Penny Davila, Phi Alpha Honor Society liaison
  • Brittany Jolly, activity coordinator
  • Thania Sotocosme, social media chair