Aligning Priorities to Enhance Our Region

10/21 - With the sale of New Hanover Regional Medical Center to Novant Health, the College of Health and Human Services remains engaged in collaborative efforts with the hospital and UNC Chapel Hill to provide regional experience and expertise in the partnership.

Dean Hardy initiated the Novant Transformation Alignment Task Force and designated Dr. Kent Guion as its facilitator. “I’m very excited about collaborative nature of this transformation,” Hardy says. “And, I’m pleased to have Kent and his experience facilitating this task force.”

The group (members listed below) is charged to provide best guidance and recommendations for opportunities to advance and sustain CHHS mission, vision, goals and objectives along with those of the new hospital’s collaborative model. The task force will also ensure our faculty, staff and students are appropriately informed about the initiative. The recent partnership of New Hanover Regional Medical Center, Novant Health, UNC Health and UNC School of Medicine is less than a year old and is likely to be the most robust infusion of resources to improve health that Southeastern North Carolina has ever had.  

The task force will recommend how CHHS aligns its comprehensive resources including personnel, health professions education programs, research, facilities etc., via an authentic collaboration model to optimize our priorities. The task force structure also improves coordination and information sharing since several of its members participate on the subcommittees of the overarching hospital partnership. Cape Fear Community College also has representatives on the subcommittees and the stakeholder participation will continue to grow.

“Just think if we could use all the money that was spent repairing the damage caused by Hurricane Florence in our community and shift that amount towards enhancing health.  That’s about the magnitude of what this transformation could represent,” said Dr. Guion. “I have been involved in academic health centers, networks of hospitals, and several health-focused collaborations but this arrangement is truly unique and holds the potential to transform community health and be a model for the future.” Summary of the task force meetings are available on the CHHS SharePoint site <add link>.

Task force members: Kent Guion (facilitator), Chris Lantz, Justine Reel, Stefanie Powell, Sheri Shaw, Ashley Wells, Linda Haddad, Melissa Sinclair, Jaci Webb-Dempsey and Carolyn Craddock.