Faculty & Staff Awarded Cultural Activity Grants

12/21 – CHHS faculty and staff were recently awarded Cultural Activity Grants for their interprofessional, intercultural projects.

Cultural activities promote broad cultural change via the promotion of diversity and inclusion, community engagement, student engagement, and the arts. Projects challenge issues related to culture and diversity perspectives. A full list of the fall 2021 recipients is below.

  • Of Art and Feelings: Creative Teaching and Affective Learning Using Dramatic Arts
    Paula Baisden, SON 

    Out of Touch is a limited series drama written for the purposes of educating nursing students on mental health diagnoses and treatment and decreasing the stigma regarding mental illness. The series will be used in conjunction with lectures to meet students where they are, related to how they learn, process and retain information.

  • Music Therapy: A Cultural Means to Foster Physical and Mental Health
    Lenis Chen-Edinboro, SHAHS, Noell Rowan, SSW, Angie Sardina, SHAHS

    Music therapy has been shown to be effective in improving a variety of health outcomes. The proposed events will promote the awareness and value of music therapy among a variety of audiences, including current health practitioners and those in training.

  • The Importance of Parks and Outdoor Spaces – A Four-Part Presentation Series
    Alexia Franzidis, SHAHS, Alana Seaman, SHAHS, Jamy Chulak, SHAHS, Michele Pedicone, SHAHS, Stacey Kolomer, SSW

    This grant application seeks funding to host a four-part presentation series on the importance of parks and outdoor spaces. Each presentation will discuss how parks and outdoor spaces enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities through a unique programmatic lens (i.e., tourism, recreation, and sport; social work, respiratory therapy).

  • Actively Opposing Exclusion: Advancing DEI in Wilmington NC's Parks and Recreation
    William Holland, SHAHS, Kathleen Holland, College of Arts and Sciences, Andy Fairbanks (City of Wilmington)

    This collaborative initiative involves CHHS, the Department of Environmental Sciences and the City of Wilmington Parks and Recreation Division (WP&R). In 2021, the WP&R’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advancement Committee (DEIA) expressed interest in evaluating the agencies’ internal and external communications, operations, programs and staffs’ current diversity, equity and inclusion practices. The desired outcomes are to identify a present-day baseline upon which the division could demonstrate evidence-based and intentional programming efforts.

  • Dig Deeper: Mental Health is an Experience
    Tiffany Lane, SSW, Shaila Strayhorn, SHAHS, Lauren Jones, College of Arts and Sciences (Student)

    It has been suggested that the pandemic has brought emotional and traumatic concerns to the forefront, more than usual for underrepresented communities. This event seeks to produce a poetry slam (spoken word) event centered on mental, social, and public health issues. It intends to engage the UNCW students, health and human service professionals, staff, faculty, and the Wilmington community to raise consciousness.

  • An Intergenerational Community Engagement Project: Legacy Books for Tellegacy Participants
    Tina Newsham, SHAHS

    Students in Gerontology 101 engaged in intergenerational conversations, communicating with older adults who live in a variety of independent and assisted living facilities. The program called Tellegacy is run by Dr. Jeremy Holloway of the University of Toledo, who developed the program to address social isolation among older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic. Student participants, called Legacy Builders, learn about aging and the life course, develop listening and perspective-taking skills, and contribute to older adults' well-being.
  • Dialogue and Documentary: Developing Media for Social Change
    Alicia Sellon, SSW, Sabrina Cherry, SHAHS, Jacquelyn Lee, SSW, Kim Nelson (KNT Company), Tony Martin, SSW (Student)

    Documentaries provide a valuable and creative medium to raise awareness and open dialogue about social justice issues in the community. This initiative aims to bring CHHS students together to work with and for community partners to develop a short documentary that raises awareness of a social justice issue in the community. To achieve this goal, documentary film producer, Mr. Christopher Schueler, will be invited to campus to implement his documentary filmmaking pedagogy with students and community partners during a week-long creative learning experience, the Media and Social Change Institute (MSCI).