To provide applied learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate minority students at UNCW including those who identify as racial/ethnic minorities, ​first-gen students, ​LGBTQIA+, ​students with disabilities and/or ​military veterans.

We believe it is critical to seek out innovative ways to intentionally engage minority students in research. IMSRG focuses on assessing the needs, interests, and concerns of minority students across UNCW within a variety of disciplines, as well as engaging these students in faculty-mentored research initiatives.

Objectives of IMSRG

The overarching objectives of the project are:

  • provide an opportunity for minority students to gain research mentorship via faculty with an interest in serving these communities;
  • invite students to share their own interests and needs in the context of the university community; and
  • help students gain self-efficacy in conducting research within their own local communities.