Seahawk Respect Compact

Dear Colleagues,

As members of the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS), we collaborate to create transformative learning experiences, advance knowledge through research and scholarly activity, and engage local and global communities. A clear set of values guide our work and reflect what it is important to us as a college.

Vitality is the CHHS value that fosters positive work attitudes, personal health, and an energizing work environment and reflects the importance of our people and their well-being. As members of the CHHS faculty, staff, and student advisory councils, we are dedicated to nurturing the vitality of each member of the CHHS community.

The UNCW Seahawk Respect Compact identifies essential values that foster, encourage, and promote behaviors that foster vitality. As such, all members of the CHHS Advisory Councils invite you to join them in striving to make the Respect Compact the basis for all interactions among faculty, staff, students, and the local and global communities we serve.

We encourage you to print, read, sign, and then post the Respect Compact in a prominent location in your workspace as evidence that you are committed to the value of vitality and will strive to uphold the values of the UNCW Seahawk Respect Compact and ultimately, nurture the vitality of our community. Together, we will enhance health and quality of life within and beyond CHHS.


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Community Engagement and Impact Advisory Council
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