Digital Signage

Signage Requests

Signage requests will be evaluated based on the appropriateness of their proposed location, placement within the location, proximity to other signage, and effectiveness in reaching their audience. Upon approval, signage will be added to identified monitors in Veterans Hall, McNeill Hall, and/or Trask Coliseum.

Requests to add signage to digital monitors must be done at least two weeks in advance and can be made here. Event promotions will be removed after the event date. Monitors will be refreshed and maintained regularly to keep information relevant and up-to-date.

*Note: Monitors on the first and third floors of the north wing in Veterans Hall are primarily reserved for College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Military Affairs. Vertical monitors located by the elevators on each floor in each wing of Veterans Hall are primarily reserved for wayfinding. Outdoor vertical monitors along Chancellor’s Walk are reserved for wayfinding and large-scale events.

Types of Signage

What we would like to see on the monitors:

Digital monitors provide information points and promotional opportunities. Content should be relevant to the location and the likely audience.

Examples of appropriate use include:

  • Promotion of University or CHHS supported events and programs
  • University or CHHS supported promotional campaigns, such as staff surveys, Advancement campaigns
  • Wayfinding
  • Student job opportunities
  • Call-to-action opportunities, e.g. focus groups, research recruitment

*Note: In the event of an emergency, notices will be posted on monitors by the University.

What we don’t want to see on the monitors:

If the content is not of genuine interest to students, faculty, and/or staff or is from a source not endorsed or authorized by the University or the CHHS, it shouldn’t be on the monitors.

Examples of inappropriate content include:

  • Information appearing on behalf of individuals/personal causes
  • Personal advertisements by members of faculty, staff or students for goods or services
  • Advertisements placed by individuals or organizations with no affiliation to the University
  • Appeals from charitable organizations, unless from a University or CHHS supported community partner
  • Non-University commercial advertising or promotion (unless an authorized campus retail outlet e.g. Chick Fil-A, Barnes and Noble)
  • Political or personal propaganda


Graphics must be 1920 wide x 1080 high and should be created in the same ratio. For a horizontal screen, this is 16:9 ratio, portrait is 9:16. Files should be saved as a JPG or PNG file at 150 or 300 DPI and should be no more than 3MB.


Be sure to use the University’s Brand Identify Guide when creating graphics.

Elements to consider when creating digital signage content:
  • Leave enough outside space: Because your design will be shown on a screen, it’s important to leave some “safe space” around the edge. This prevents the edges of your content from getting cut-off.
  • Use the 3x5 text rule: Stick to three lines of text with a maximum of five words per line, or the other way around. This will ensure your message is always succinct and easy to read by an audience, even within a short timeframe.
  • Organize content by hierarchy: Your design may have a piece of information that’s more key than the information that follows – like a headline, an offer or an image that stands out.
  • Use clear fonts and text sizing: Most digital signs are viewed from a distance of 7-10 feet away. Use sans-serif typefaces which are the easiest to read, like Arial or Helvetica. A 20-30 point font can be seen from 7 feet away, whereas a 100-point font can be seen from 26 feet away.
  • Choose contrasting colors: Use contrasting color palettes—light text on dark backgrounds and dark text on light.

Are you a CHHS faculty or staff and need help with design? Submit a project request form to the CHHS Marketing and Communications Team.

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