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The Marketing and Communications Team works closely with the CHHS Events Coordinator to promote events. If your event requires marketing materials, please make the initial request for event support by completing the Events and Reservations Survey. There is no need for you to submit a separate request for marketing materials. 

After receiving your responses from the Events and Reservations Survey, the CHHS Events Coordinator or designated staff member will contact you for an event consultation. During the consultation, the events coordinator will work with you to determine the type of marketing materials needed for your event. Following the consultation, the events coordinator will submit any requests for marketing materials directly to the CHHS Marketing and Communications team and will complete the necessary forms including fund information for printing charges. You will be consulted with any additional questions and to review/edit all materials before anything is published or printed. 

Should you contact the CHHS Marketing and Communications team directly for promotional materials related to an event, they will verify that you have submitted an Events and Reservations Survey with the CHHS Events Coordinator. This is to ensure that all logistical details have been confirmed and avoid potential duplication.


For specific questions regarding event support, please contact Leslie Owens, CHHS Events Coordinator at owensl@uncw.edu or ext. 22726.

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