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Health Equity Bonner Fellowship

The Health Equity Bonner Fellowship at the University of North Carolina Wilmington is a four-year leadership development program. Our mission is to provide diverse, historically marginalized, and first-generation students the opportunity to strengthen their leadership and engagement skills to support the Wilmington community and beyond. We holistically uphold the belief that diversity is a fundamental education benefit that enhances the academic experience and fosters a free exchange of ideas from multiple perspectives. The Health Equity Bonner Fellowship is modeled after the Bonner Program, taking after its emphasis on developing students into well-rounded members of the community through various service, education, and reflection opportunities.

About Us

The UNCW-based Health Equity Bonner Fellowship models the Bonner Leaders Program, a nationally recognized student service-learning model for historically marginalized and first-generation college students. Aptly named the Health Equity Bonner Fellowship, our focus is on improving health equity within the Wilmington Community (and southeastern North Carolina). The Health Equity Bonner Fellowship is a four-year, scaffolded leadership development opportunity in which a cohort of college fellows participate in collaborative mentorship, weekly educational programming, and community-engaged, high-impact applied learning activities. As available, fellows are paid for their service using the Federal Work-Study program. In developing this Fellowship, the team works alongside faculty, staff, fellows, and designated community partner(s) to co-develop and facilitate a sustainable model of scaffolded community-engaged applied learning activities.

The Health Equity Bonner Fellowship is a cross-campus and community collaboration housed in the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS). The mission of CHHS is to create transformative learning experiences, advance knowledge through research and scholarly activity, and engage local and global communities. To achieve this vision and mission, CHHS is committed to the following strategic goals:

  • Empower fellows through excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Foster excellence in research, scholarly activity, and innovation.
  • Engage in strong academic community partnerships.
  • Facilitate involvement in professional service activities and leadership roles; and
  • Promote sustainability and continuous quality improvement.

These five goals and the associated objectives in the strategic plan are pursued in an environment that promotes the free exchange of thoughts and ideas, affirms human dignity, and respects each individual. The CHHS strategic plan and the focus of the Healthy Equity Fellowship also aligns with the UNCW strategic plan.

Housed within CHHS, is the Community Engagement professional team, including the Center for Healthy Communities and the Center for Workforce Development. These two centers share in leading the Heath Equity Fellowship. The Center for Healthy Communities seeks to improve health and well-being by addressing community identified needs through collaborations between campus resources and community agencies. The Center for Workforce Development (CWD) aims to enhance the health and quality of life of our community, CWD facilitates the exploration, preparation and development of the health and human services workforce. 

Program Development Model

Student Handbook

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