CHHS Student giving a demo of new technology to prospective students.
With gerontology as it relates to exercise science, UNCW is such a great university because they are now seeing the benefit of these jobs.

-Nate Futtrell, '11 ~ Exercise Science


The CHHS is committed to the development of academically distinct programs of study that prepare students for the workforce. The faculty, staff and students embrace an interprofessional collaborative approach to learning.

The hallmark of the CHHS experience is the application of theory to practice. Through in-class and field experiences, our students learn to develop and apply knowledge regarding illness, health, wellness and human needs. Students work across majors and in teams to address health and human services problems. This type of learning simulates real-world experiences and helps to develop working relationships across professions, which is a necessary part of the real world.

Implementation science and community engagement are an essential part of the student experience. Students work alongside faculty to research and discover new and innovative ways to solve problems. Through service learning, study abroad experiences and internship opportunities, students are able to work side-by-side with community partners. The Study Abroad program allows students to experience health and human services through a global lens.

The CHHS supports its students and alumni with its Student Success Center (SSC). The SSC services include student recruitment, admissions, and retention; academic and career advising; clinical, field, and internship placement; graduate school preparation; and facilitation of the Student Learning Commons (SLC), a space devoted to students in their learning activities outside of the classroom. Located on the first floor of McNeill Hall, the SLC isa full-service learning, research and project space, which provides areas for group meetings as well as tools to support creative efforts as needed. Through the Student Success Center, CHHS prepares and equips its students as partners in its mission to enhance the quality of health and quality of life across the lifespan for individuals, families and communities within southeastern North Carolina and beyond.