SSW Publications

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Bolton, K. W. A qualitative interpretive meta-synthesis in social work research: Uncharted territory.

Bolton, K. W. Why do they do it? A qualitative meta-synthesis of crisis volunteers' motivations.

Bolton, K. W. Assessing resilience: A review of measures across the life course.

Bolton, K. W. Youthful offender diversion project: YODA.

Frankel, A. Indian Summer: A Love Story to India and the Story of India 29.

Jones, A. Teaching social work research through practicum: What the students learned.

Kolomer, S. Age of support staff and turnover. Inclusion.

Kolomer, S. The attitudes of social work students toward end-of-life care planning. Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life and Palliative Care.

Kolomer, S.R. Promoting Wellness and Quality of Life: Caregiver Stress. In T. Gullotta & M.Bloom (Eds)., Encyclopedia of Primary Prevention and Health Promotion, second edition.

Messinger, L. 2+2=BSW: An innovative approach to the community college-university continuum in social work education.

Kolomer, S. Legislative advocacy and human service nonprofit: What are we doing?

Rowan, N. L. Optimizing geriatric social work education: A national study to identify program elements that promote student competence.

Rowan, N. L. Supporting home care aides: What employers can do to assist their workers.

Rowan, N. L. Aging well and gay in rural America: A case study.

Rowan, N. L. What is valued in gay and lesbian specific alcohol and other drug treatment?

Rowan, N. L. Creating learning opportunities for the enhancement of critical thinking skills in BSW education.

Rowan, N. L. Meditation and self-care for helping professionals.

Rowan, N. L. Building capacity in gerontological social work for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender older adults and their loved ones. Journal of Gerontological Social Work.

Rowan, N. L. Resilience in attaining and sustaining sobriety among older lesbians with alcoholism. Journal of Gerontological Social Work.

Strong, J. Psychosocial concerns of OEF/OIF veterans.