SHAHS Publications

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Boyce, R.W. Racial comparisons in police officer bench press strength over 12.5 years.

Boyce, R.W & Cottrell, R.R. Health promotion strategies derived from a metropolitan police weight loss competition in regards to weight loss between genders and among BMI categories.

Combs, S. Personal and relational wellness in a community-based weight loss program for women: Implications for weight loss programs.

Cottrell, R. R. Career development through local chapter involvement: Perspectives from chapter members.

Cottrell, R.R. The effects of tobacco-related health-warning images on intention to quit smoking among urban Chinese smokers.

Elliott, S. Perceptions of the impact of a PEP grant on elementary physical education programs in one school district.

Figueroa, J., & Cottrell, R. R. CEPH accreditation of standalone baccalaureate programs: A preliminary curriculum mapping exercise.

Herstine, J. H. A recreation demand model of the North Carolina for-hire fishery: A comparison of primary and secondary purpose anglers.

Hritz, N. M., & Ashton-Forrester, C. An exploratory study of wellness travel: Differences between U.S. and non-U.S. travelers.

Hritz, N. M., & Sidman, C. L. Segmenting the college educated generation Y health and wellness traveler.

Reel, J.J. Health and diabetes self-efficacy: A study of diabetic and non-diabetic free clinic patients and family members.

Reel, J. J. Psychosocial correlates of bulimic symptomatology among male athletes.

Reel, J. J. From food desert to food swamp: Comprehensive strategies to improve food environments in urban areas.

Reel, J. J. The practical application of promoting positive body image on a college campus: Insights from freshmen women.

Sidman, C. L. College students' perceived wellness among online, face-to-face, and hybrid formats of a lifetime physical activity and wellness course.

Sprod, L.K. Multicenter, randomized controlled trial of yoga for sleep quality among cancer survivors.

Sprod, L.K. Cancer-specific concerns and physical activity among recently diagnosed breast and prostate cancer survivors.

Tseh, W. The validity of 7-site skinfold measurements taken by exercise science students.

Tseh, W. Waist-to-height ratio and body mass index as indicators of cardiovascular risk in youth.