Standing Committees

Faculty and staff within each School shall be elected to serve on CHHS Standing Committees. The dean can appoint additional members as appropriate. Schools will conduct the election process early in the fall semester of each academic year. Membership tenure is typically two years, with the initial appointments staggered so that no more than fifty percent of the faculty and staff rotate off a committee each year. The committees provide recommendations to the dean. 

Standing committees are as follows:

Quality Assurance and Assessment Committee

This committee is charged with assessing goal achievement by the College. Objectives related to enrollment targets, partnerships, revenue generation and new transdisciplinary program targets will fall within the purview of this committee. The assessment of goals and programs specific to an individual unit will be the responsibility of that unit; however, the Quality Assurance and Assessment Committee may assist in recommending assessment tools, processes and standards, and compilation of student learning outcome assessment reports for the CHHS. The Committee will be responsible for the development of the annual institutional assessment report for the CHHS. The Quality Assurance and Assessment Committee will meet monthly or as needed.

The committee will be made up of three faculty members (one from each school), a school director, a member of the Academic Affairs Operations Service Team, a member of the Student Success Services Team, an administrative staff representative and the associate dean for academic affairs. The chair of the committee will be appointed by the dean.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee ensures that all course, certification and degree proposals that constitute new or revised offerings be reviewed for clarity, coherence, potential for collaboration and avoidance of duplication. The committee interfaces directly with the University Curriculum Committee, the University Studies Advisory Committee, the Graduate Council, the Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Provost to ensure that submission standards, schedules and formats are addressed with regard to new and multiunit submissions. This committee recommends actions to others as charged by the dean. This committee is also charged with facilitating interprofessional collaborative academic programming, transcultural programming and technological innovations in the academic programs within the CHHS. The Curriculum Committee will meet monthly or as needed.

Members include two representatives from each school, one of which will be the chair of the school Curriculum Committee. In addition, the associate dean for academic affairs of CHHS, the associate vice chancellor for distance education, the associate vice chancellor and dean of undergraduate studies, the associate provost for research and the dean of the Graduate School will be invited as ex officio participants as needed or requested. Staff from the Academic Affairs Operations Service Team will provide logistical and operational support for the committee.

Globalization, Culture and Diversity Committee

The purpose of this committee is to develop a culture that promotes the values and practices of inclusion, belonging, inclusive excellence, intercultural learning and skill sets, and the valuation of multiple perspectives, backgrounds and identities. This committee will provide leadership in the globalization of CHHS and will develop and manage a process for the distribution of cultural arts funding to faculty and students within the CHHS to enhance interprofessional collaborative programs and activities that impact globalization, culture and diversity.

Members include two faculty from each school, an administrative staff representative, a Student Success Center representative, the chief diversity officer for institutional diversity and inclusion, the associate vice chancellor for international programs and the director of the office of the arts. The chair of the committee will be determined by majority vote of the committee.