CHHS Cultural Activities Proposals Awarded for the 2015-16 Academic Year

The CHHS Globalization, Culture, and Diversity Committee have reviewed the Academic Year 2015-16 Cultural Activities proposals, and the determination has been made to award all four proposals for this year.

The four Cultural Activity events will consist of a presentation and planning seminar titled "Including Everyone in the Life of the Community," an international conference and panel presentation titled "Sharing Differences in Mental Health Systems Between India and the USA," a presentation and faculty research training titled "Techniques, Evidence, and Current Research on Establishing Strong Working Relationships and Alliances Between Patients and Health Care Workers" and a movie and workshop titled "Enter the Faun."

"I want to thank all faculty, staff and students who submitted proposals," Dean Hardy said."I am very excited about the interprofessional collaborative approaches that were presented in the proposals and can't wait to experience the programs."

For more detailed information about event time and location, project managers and funding, click here (PDF).