Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


Dr. Thomas Coombs

Thomas Coombs

  • Development of new methods for organocatalytic alpha-amination of aldehydes.
  • Diversity-oriented synthesis of alkaloid-inspired compound collections for medicinal applications.
  • Exploration of the properties and reactivity of strained organosilanes.

Dr. Jeremy Morgan

Jeremy Morgan

  • New transition metal-catalyzed and organocatalytic methods for the synthesis of chiral, non-racemic organic molecules.
  • Catalyst development and study of reaction mechanism.
  • Application in bioactive natural product total synthesis.

Dr. Pam Seaton

Pam Seaton

  • Isolation, synthesis, and structure elucidation of bioactive marine lipids.
  • Synthesis and NMR characterization of bioactive heterocycles.

Dr. Wendy Strangman

Wendy Strangman

  • Microbial natural products drug discovery
  • Natural products structure elucidation 
  • Mass spectrometry-based bioassay development for drug discovery
  • Mass spectometry-based environmental metabolomics

Dr. Sridhar Varadarajan

Sridhar Varadarajan

  • Organic synthesis of DNA-alkylating molecules.
  • Design, organic synthesis, and investigation of molecules that target specific receptors on cells.
  • Targeting specific cell-types with DNA-damaging agents that induce cell-death, but not mutations, for potential therapeutic applications in diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Dr. R. Thomas Williamson

Thomas Williamson

  • Application of novel screening technologies for marine natural products drug discovery
  • Structure determination of marine and terrestrial natural products
  • Application and method development in NMR spectroscopy
  • Online organic reaction and bioprocess monitoring & mechanistic studies
  • Chemical ecological studies in the context of drug-discovery