Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Students performing an experiment at Chemistry Summer Camps
Students performing an experiment at Chemistry Summer Camps

Ignite Your Scientific Imagination! Participate in a week of exciting hands-on experiments while making your own chemical reactions that are sure to make a bang!

UNCW Chemistry & Forensics Academic Enrichment Camps: Summer 2018

Our Chemistry & Forensics Academic Enrichment Camps offer a unique opportunity for children from ages seven to 14.  The camps are led by dynamic and engaging UNCW chemistry graduate and undergraduate students. There is a maximum of 24 participants for each camp so please sign up early.  View the camp schedule below to register or call 910.962.3195.

*There is a 15% discount for attending both the morning Chemistry Half-day camp and the afternoon Forensics Half-day camp (Full-day camp opportunity).  Camp participants will be supervised during lunch of the Full-day camp experience with fun science activities; must provide own healthy lunch from home.

Camp Days/Times:
Monday through Friday
Morning Half-day: 8:00am –12:00pm
Afternoon Half-day: 1:00pm-5:00pm

Camp Location:
UNCW Dobo Hall Laboratory 126
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$195 for Half-Day Camps
$330 for Full-Day Camps (includes 15% discount)
*Special discount for children of UNCW staff; please inquire by ... ?
Unfortunately, NO Scholarships are available this summer

Camp Schedule

WEEK 1: June 12-15, Ages 10-14

The BIG BANG Chemistry Camp, Morning Half-day 8:00am-12:00pm
Investigate the amazing chemistry of earth and space using advanced college-level instruments to give you an edge in science classes and beyond. Experience cool interactions of chemicals that produce light, heat, and fireworks.

Forensics: Port City CSI Camp, Afternoon Half-day, 1:00pm-5:00pm
Get involved in learning behind-the-scenes advanced methods and techniques used by crime scene investigators. Learn the current forensic techniques including DNA analysis to interpret evidence, analyze data, and close the case!

WEEK 2: June 18-22, Ages 7-10

Compound Chaos! Chemistry Camp, Morning Half-day 8:00am-12:00pm
Participate in a week of exciting hands-on experiments sure to cause chaos while learning the fundamentals of chemical reactions in a real college laboratory. Make your own chemical concoctions that go boom, and turn a penny into gold!

Criminal Solutions Forensics Camp, Afternoon Half-day 1:00pm-5:00pm
Grab your gloves and evidence bags as we go sleuthing for criminal solutions. Join us while we gather clues, test data, and use deductive reasoning to solve the crime – just like a real forensic scientist!

WEEK 3: June 25-29, Ages 7-14, Girl’s Only Camps

Girls-in-Charge Chemistry and Biochemistry Camp, Morning 8:00am-12:00pm
Hey girls, get charged up about science and learn the chemical secrets of creating cosmetics, perfume, paints, and more! Learn the vital role of biochemistry in all living things. Create your own jewelry, crystals, and isolate your own DNA. Women instructors will guide you in the essentials for becoming a woman scientist!

Bond Girls Forensics Camp, Afternoon Half-day 1:00pm-5:00pm
Spend a week doing undercover investigating of forensic science. This unique camp will allow you to take a leadership role in learning how chemistry is used to solve crime mysteries. A woman mentor will guide you towards your future forensic science career!