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Master's in Chemistry: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Concentration

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry concentration, for the Chemistry M.S. program was initiated in 2018 and ensures that UNCW students are prepared for a flexible career in pharmaceutical sciences. The Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty enable this goal by offering a broad range of pharmaceutical sciences courses and research foci, from traditional and non-traditional natural products drug discovery and medicinal chemistry to formulation of therapeutic antibodies. In addition to employment opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, graduates of this program will be ideally positioned to work in the rapidly expanding contract research (CRO) and biotechnology sectors, pursue academic careers, or establish innovative start-up companies. Bolstered by a generous endowment Dr.Yousry and Linda Sayed, former UNCW faculty members and founders of Quality Chemistry Laboratories, this program is one of the most rapidly growing initiatives at UNCW.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Concentration

CHM 501 - Introduction to Chemical Research Credit Hours: 2
CHM 595 - Graduate Seminar Credit Hours: 1 (two credits required)
CHM 505 - Pharmaceutical Chemistry I: Introduction to Drug Discovery and Development Credit Hours: 3
CHM 506 - Pharmaceutical Chemistry II: Pharmaceutical Analysis Credit Hours: 3
CHM 599 - Thesis Credit Hours: 1 To 6 (Three credits required. The research must be related to Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

And at least two of the following courses:

CHM 516 - Advanced Organic Chemistry Credit Hours: 3
CHM 536 - Advanced Analytical Chemistry Credit Hours: 3
CHM 568 - Advanced Biochemistry Credit Hours: 3
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