Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

R. Thomas Williamson, Yousry Sayed Distinguished Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences



  • B.A., Chemistry, UNC Wilmington (1994)
  • M.S., Organic Chemistry, UNC Wilmington (1996)
  • Ph.D., Medicinal Chemistry (2000)
  • 18 Years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Wyeth, Roche, & Merck & Co. Inc. 2000-2018)

Research Area: Organic, Marine

Curriculum Vitae

Group Research Page

Research Interests

  • Application of novel screening technologies for marine natural products drug discovery
  • Structure determination of marine and terrestrial natural products
  • Application and method development in NMR spectroscopy
  • Online organic reaction and bioprocess monitoring & mechanistic studies
  • Chemical ecological studies in the context of drug discovery

Current Courses

  • CHM 505 - Introduction to Drug Discovery and Development
  • CHM 506 - Pharmaceutical Analysis