Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


The Spectroscopy Core Facility at CMS is equipped with both nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy (LCMS) capabilities.

The Bruker Avance 500MHz NMR equipped with several probes including a 5mm Z gradient BBO probe (mainly for 13C spectra), and 5mm, 1.7mm, and 1mm Z-gradient TXI probes (for 1H and 13C spectra). This instrument can generate 1D as well as other multidimensional spectra such as COSY, TOCSY, HSQC, HMBC, and HSQC-TOCSY.

500 MHz User Policy
A 15 mins walk-on time is available from 9 am- noon from Monday to Friday and 2-4 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. You are allowed to use the spectrometer for more than 15 mins if no one is after you. Users are encouraged to process their data offline, if others are waiting to acquire data. When you are done, you should update the log book.