College of Arts & Sciences

Academic Minors

Degree requirements for all undergraduate majors and minors offered within the College of Arts and Sciences are listed in the online university catalogue.

Information on academic minors within the disciplines may also be available on the websites of the departments sponsoring these programs.

Minors & Coordinators
Africana Studies

Dr. Emmanuel Harris II, World Languages & Cultures


Dr. Nora Reber, Anthropology 

Applied Behavior  Dr. Carole Van Camp, Interdisciplinary 
Asian Studies Dr. Beverley McGuire, Interdisciplinary 
Art & Art History Dr. Amy Kirschke, Art & Art History 
Biology  Dr. Tim Ballard, Biology & Marine Biology 
Brazil-Portugese Dr. Regina Felix, World Languages & Cultures
Campaign Management Dr. Jennifer Brubaker, Communication Studies 
Dr. Ben Taylor, Public and International Affairs
Chemistry Dr. Kelly Lee, Chemistry & Biochemistry 
Classical Studies Dr. David Hoot, World Languages & Cultures 
Choral Music Dr. Frank Bongiorno, Music 
Computer Science Dr. Ralph Bradley, Computer Science 
Creative Non-Fiction  Dr. Tim Bass, Creative Writing 
Criminology Dr. Mike Maume, Criminology & Sociology 
Digital Arts  Dr. Eric K. Patterson, Computer Science 
English Dr. Victor Malo-Juvera, English 
Environmental Studies Dr. Jack Hall, Environmental Studies 
European Studies Dr. P. Kamenish, Interdisciplinary 
Forensic Science Dr. Midori Albert, Anthropology
French Dr. PJ Lapaire, World Languages and Cultures 
Geology  Dr. Lynn Leonard, Geography & Geology 
Geography Dr. Doug Gamble, Geography & Geology 
GeoSpatial Dr. Eman Ghoneim, Geography & Geology 
German Dr. Derrick Miller, World Languages & Cultures 
History Dr. Candice Bredbenner, History 
Information Technology  Dr. Laurie Patterson, Interdisciplinary 
International Affairs Dr. Remy Kleinberg, Public & International Affairs 
International Studies Dr. Lesley Daspit, International Studies
Japanese  Yoko Kano, World Languages & Cultures 
Jazz Studies Dr. Frank Bongiorno, Music 
Journalism Dr. Jennifer Brubaker, Communication Studies 
Latin American Studies Dr. Jennifer Horan, Interdisciplinary 
Math Dr. Russ Herman, Mathematics & Statistics 
Middle East & Islamic Studies  Dr. Lisa Pollard, Interdisciplinary 
Music Dr. Frank Bongiorno, Music 
Native-American Studies Dr. Lee Schweninger, Interdisciplinary 
Neuroscience Dr. Mark Galizio and Dr. R. Satterlie Psychology
Non-Profit Management Dr. Christopher Prentice, Public & International Affairs 
Oceanography Dr. Lynn Leonard, Geography & Geology 
Philosophy  Dr. Diana Pasulka, Philosophy & Religion 
Physical Oceanography  Dr. Dylan McNamara, Physics & Physical Oceanography 
Physics Dr. Dylan McNamara, Physics & Physical Oceanography 
Poetry Dr. Tim Bass, Creative Writing 
Politcal Science  Dr. Daniel Masters, Public & International Affairs
Post Colonial Studies Dr. Cara Cilano, English 
Pre-Law Dr. Stephen Meinhold, Public Administration
Psychology  Dr. Wendy Donlin-Washington, Psychology 
Public Administration  Dr. John Brennan, Public Administration
Religion Dr. Diana Pasulka, Philosophy & Religion 
Russian Studies Dr. David Graber, World Languages & Cultures 
Science, The Humanities and Society Dr. D. Melroy, Biology & Marine Biology 
Security Studies Dr. Daniel Masters, Public & International Affairs 
Sociology Dr. Mike Maume, Sociology & Criminology 
Spanish  Dr. Ariana Mrak, World Languages & Cultures 
Statistics Dr. Russ Herman, Math & Statistics
Studio Art  Dr. Amy Kirschke, Art & Art History
Theatre Tom Salzman, Theatre  
Women's and Gender Studies Dr. Vibeke Olson, Interdisciplinary