College of Arts & Sciences

Applied Learning in CAS

Applied learning is a hallmark of the student experience in the College of Arts and Sciences. Each of the College's departments requires an applied learning experience as a part of the curriculum for its undergraduate majors. Examples include faculty-directed research, internships, service learning, and capstone courses and projects, all of which challenge students to integrate various strands of knowledge and to apply that knowledge to broader, real-world situations. Through applied learning, students in the college gain direct hands-on experience with the skills of their major fields as an essential part of their preparation for life and career.

Recent applied learning projects are highlighted below. Additional information on Applied Leaning opportunities is available here.

Students in the Earth and Ocean Sciences department’s Socio-Environmental Analysis Lab traveled to Namibia and Botswana, Southern Africa this past summer!


Film Studies majors and students from the Honors College visited Havana, Cuba in May on a short-term study abroad trip led by Mariana Johnson, chair and associate professor in the Department of Film Studies, and Jennifer Fernandez-Villa, director of International Student and Scholar Services.

English or Spanish 294 is a short-term course that includes travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina giving students an opportunity to immerse themselves in South American culture.