College of Arts & Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences Strategic Plan


As the academic core of UNCW, the College of Arts and Sciences engages students in a transformational education through free inquiry and the open exchange of ideas that celebrates all forms of diversity.

By fostering critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability through the integration of transdisciplinary research, applied learning and community engagement, the College

  • prepares individuals for meaningful and ethical civic engagement in a globalized society;
  • provides a strong foundation in knowledge and skills necessary to flourish in our professional and personal endeavors; and
  • creates and disseminates knowledge and expression in the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences to enrich the world and address the concerns of our community and beyond


An integrated grounding in the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences is the foundation for an enriched life. We strive to be a premier arts and sciences college and to inspire students as informed citizens to use their education to be dynamic, inclusive, engaged, and empowered for leadership in local, national and global affairs.

Strategic Priorities

Engage and Empower Students in Their Education

  • Cultivate best-practices and evidence-based teaching
  • Encourage effective advising and student accountability
  • Expand opportunities for research, scholarship and creative activity

Draw and Develop an Excellent and Diverse Faculty and Staff

  • Enhance opportunities for faculty research, scholarship and creative activity
  • Expand faculty development opportunities
  • Improve compensation and retention
  • Raise rewards and recognition

Cultivate a Climate of Local to Global Engagement, Perspective and Access

  • Build campus, community and regional engagement
  • Encourage faculty-led study abroad programs
  • Foster international student and faculty support

Inspire Investment in Our College

  • Engage in advancement and development
  • Strengthen alumni relations

Share Our Stories

  • Communicate student and faculty excellence
  • Enhance profile within the system and the community
  • Promote the liberal arts and sciences

(adopted May 2, 2017)