College of Arts & Sciences

Dean's Student Leadership Council (DSLC)

The DSLC provides an opportunity for CAS students and the dean to come together to address areas for improvement and identify areas of potential.

WHO: Open to all undergraduate, graduate, full- and part-time students majoring in College of Arts and Sciences departments. The Council recruits dedicated students who are passionate about CAS and who wish to act as liaisons between the council and their departments and peers.

WHAT: The DSLC formed in 2015 to give students in the College of Arts and Sciences a forum to discuss college issues, raise concerns and express their ideas with one another and with the dean.

WHEN: The council meets monthly. Committees within the council meet as needed. Council members must volunteer for at least two CAS sponsored events throughout the academic year.

WHERE: Most meetings are held in the Fisher Student Center or the Fisher University Union (on campus, exact times and locations TBD).

Interested in joining? Submit a nomination.

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The UNCW College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean’s Student Leadership Council (DSLC) aims to inspire CAS students to take ownership of their educational experience by serving as a liaison between students and administrators, and by becoming an active voice for CAS student body concerns.

Vision Statement

The CAS DSLC wishes to become a staple for the advancement of student resources and opportunities for success. By appointing a group of diverse student leaders from a litany of backgrounds, our organization intends to provide a well-rounded and represented understanding of student needs to the Dean and other leaders in the College. The CAS DSLC will offer valuable insight into student experiences, college strengths and weaknesses, and the areas in which the college can build and improve. The CAS DSLC aspires to transform ideas into initiatives for the betterment of our students and CAS community as a whole.

Core Values

  1. Student empowerment and success
  2. Academic and professional growth
  3. Inclusivity
  4. Diversity
  5. Community

DSLC Executive Board

Tori Farrell - President, Spanish Graduate
Andrew Bracero - Vice-President, Computer Science Undergraduate
Chris Hamel - Secretary, Mathematics Undergraduate