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Profile photo of Kemille Moore.

Kemille Moore, Ph.D.

Interim Dean of CAS
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Policy and Enrollment Management

Bear Hall 109
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  • Enrollment management, which includes schedule overview, course availability, course projections and faculty workload
  • Part-time budgets
  • Summer School
  • Hiring and credentialing of faculty
  • RTP processes
  • Faculty issues
  • Research initiatives
  • College Day
Profile photo of Daniella Murray.

Daniella Murray

Executive Assistant to the Dean, Office Administrator
Bear Hall 146
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  • Executive Assistant to Richard Ogle
  • Office Manager
  • CAS/UNCW Event Coordinator
  • Faculty contract status processing
Profile photo of Jess Boersma.

Jess Boersma, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Student Success, Policy and Undergraduate Scholarship
Bear Hall 109
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  • Undergraduate scholarship
  • Student research and scholarship awards
  • Student policy
  • Student issues-withdrawals, grade appeals, academic eligibility
  • Internships and DIS projects
  • Sub/Waivers, including OAP
  • Academic advising in CAS
  • Student retention and progress towards degree initiatives
  • Travel initiatives
Profile photo of Michelle Scatton-Tessier.

Michelle Scatton-Tessier, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for New Programs, Curriculum and Assessment
Bear Hall 109
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  • Undergraduate curriculum
  • New undergraduate programs/majors/minors
  • Undergraduate distance Learning within CAS
  • Liaison with Office of International Programs
  • CAS programs-lecture series
  • CAS policy
  • Teaching awards/pedagogical initiatives
  • Strategic planning
Profile photo of W. David Webster.

W. David Webster, Ph.D.

Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Research and Innovation
Bear Hall 170
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  • Graduate programs
  • Research
  • GTAs
  • Infrastructure (repairs and renovation)
  • Research reassignments
  • IT needs
  • Pilot Grant initiative
Profile photo of Sarah Schaeffer.

Sarah Schaeffer

Assistant Dean for Administration and Resource Management
Bear Hall 146
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  • Student credit hour data
  • New program budgeting
  • One-time funding requests
  • Funding restriction
  • Budget availability
Profile photo of Lindsay Crighton.

Lindsay Crighton

Director of Development
Bear Hall 146
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  • CAS fundraising
  • Alumni
  • CAS Advancement Council, CAS Foundation Board and Board of Visitors
Profile photo of Sue Tatum.

Sue Tatum

Executive Assistant
Bear Hall 109
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  • DIS and internships, paper sub/waivers
  • Time conflicts, graduation walker applications
  • End of term processes
Profile photo of Cathy Murphy.

Cathy Murphy

Executive Assistant
Bear Hall 170
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  • Purchasing via UShop
  • Surplus and AIM work order requests for CAS spaces
  • Life Cycle computer inventory and replacement
  • CAS annual lecture series
  • Use of CAS space
Profile photo of Allison Lawlor.

Allison L. Allen

University Program Associate
Bear Hall 109
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  • Student Banner Lead
  • Enrollment management
  • Orientation and registration seat holds
  • CAS academic course scheduling
  • CAS External Event Coordinator (Graduation locations, College Day, Homecoming, Open House)
  • Staff Advisor to the CAS Dean’s Student Leadership Council
Profile photo of Toni Diane Whiteman.

Toni Diane Whiteman

Program Associate
Bear Hall 109
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  • Assistant to Associate Dean Scatton-Tessier
  • Reception
  • Program Coordination
Profile photo of Nina Brown.

Nina Brown

Business Officer
Bear Hall 146B
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  • PeopleAdmin
  • Supplemental compensation/FLAC
  • Salary workbook and pay scale questions
  • Position requests and funding changes
  • Cost shares/cost reallocations

Jessenia McCrary

Business Services Coordinator
Bear Hall 146
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  • Leave keeping
  • Hiring packets for full-time, part-time and GTAs
  • Business operations processes (budget revisions, journal entries, interdepartmental invoice, ChromeRiver, community engagement awards)
Profile photo of Maggie Bannon.

Maggie Bannon

Assistant Director of Academic Services
Bear Hall 114
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  • Liaison between CAS and Transition Programs for orientation
  • Coordinate end of the semester grade reports and intervention efforts for CAS
  • Work with students on academic contract
  • Share information related to academic policies and advising best practices with CAS departments
Profile photo of Carly Wilson.

Carly Wilson

Academic Services Advisor
Bear Hall 112
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  • Seahawk Success Program
  • Mentors reinstated students
  • Works with students transitioning between majors
  • Advises Interdisciplinary Studies majors
Profile photo of Gena Guthrie.

Gena Guthrie

Public Communication Specialist
Bear Hall 114
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  • CAS communication and marketing initiatives
  • Liaison to the Office of University Relations
Profile photo of Bill Crews.

Bill Crews

Facilities Coordinator
Bear Hall 250
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  • CAS-related space issues
  • CAS key controller
  • Equipment and furniture
Profile photo of Terrell Bryant.

Terrell Bryant

Graduate Recruitment Specialist
Bear Hall 170
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  • Recruitment for all CAS graduate programs